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Current Issue

ISSN 2578-6857 

Current Issue

Volume 13 Number 2, 2019

“In loving memory of Sam Ling Gibson, who would never accept weak excuses for ignorance”

How (Long) To Mourn The Pedagogical Implications of Imposed Remembrance Practices: Two Cases from Bosnia–Herzegovina

By Nena Močnik

Towards an Agreement on Learning Outcomes For Peace Education

By Moritz Bilagher

Sexual Misconduct, Callout Culture and the Possibility of Redemption

By Laura Finley and Matthew Johnson

Why Civil Resistance Fails: The Saffron Uprising in Myanmar, 2007

By Adhik Badal

Capabilities and Conflict: An Examination of Colombia’s Educational Revolution and its Role in Peacebuilding

By Jack Ruane

 Book Reviews 

Review of Liz Atkins and Verity Duckworth, Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education, Bloomsbury Research Methods for Education (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019). 336pp., 5 bw illus. $32.95. ISBN 9781350015463.

By Loughlin Sweeney

Review of Engaging men and boys in violence prevention. By Michael Flood, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 392 pp., £34.08 (hardcover) ISBN 978-1-137-44210-9, £27.71 (ebook) ISBN 978-1-137-44208-6.

By William W. McInerney

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ISSN 2578-6857

In Factis Pax is a peer-reviewed online journal of peace education and social justice dedicated to the examination of issues central to the formation of a peaceful society – the prevention of violence, political challenges to peace and democratic societies.  Social justice, democracy, and   human flourishing are the core factors which highlight the importance of the role of education in building peaceful societies. We invite articles and book reviews on topics related to these central issues.

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