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Current Issue

Volume 12 Number 1, 2018

Coproducing Peace: Beyond Psychologized Approaches — Toward a Transrational Onto-Epistemology and Dialogic Learning Community as the Foundations of Peace Education

By Kevin Kester

´Not as my Neighbor´: How Misinformed Narratives Surrounding the FARC are Hindering the Social Reintegration of its Demobilizing Combatants

By Sam L. Gibson

Game Theory and Peace Research: Professor Anatol Rapoport’s Contributions

By Erika Simpson

Exploring Relationships for Positive Peace

By Heather Devere

Shifting Paradigms – Exploring the Reasons for Staff Care and ‘The Duty of Care’ in International Peace and Conflict Work

By Daniela Pastoors

 Book Reviews

Editors note: These reviews are a part of a series co-published by the Global Campaign for Peace Education toward promoting peace education scholarship. These reviews are of Information Age Publishing’s Peace Education series. Established in 2006 by Founding Editors Ian Harris and Edward Brantmeier, IAP’s peace education series offers diverse perspectives on peace education theory, research, curriculum development and practice. It is the only series focused on peace education offered by any major publisher. Click here to learn more about this important series.

A Pedagogy of Faith: The Theological Vision of Paulo Freire by Irwin Leopando,

Reviewed by Hogai Aryoubi

Education for peace: the politics of adopting and mainstreaming peace education programs in a post-conflict setting, by Vanessa Tinker

Reviewed by Line Kuppens

For the People: A Documentary History of the Struggle for Peace and Justice in the United States, edited by Charles F. Howlettt and Robbie Lieberman

Reviewed by Kazuyo Yamane